Ellem Fishing Club
Gold Medal

Ellem Fishing Club ~ "The Oldest Fishing Club in the World"

The Ellem Fishing Club is the oldest existing and continuous trout-angling club in the world and was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as such. The Club was founded in 1829 during the reign of George 1V. The Club was founded in the Ellem Fishing Tavern at Ellemford, which was, and still is, a hamlet situated near the junction of the rivers Dye and Whiteadder seven miles north of the county town of Duns in the foothills of the Lammermuir Hills. In 1829 Duns was spelt Dunse and changed to Duns in 1882.

The founding members were Edinburgh and Berwickshire gentlemen who in 1829 formed the club and the first Annual General Meeting was held on 29th April 1830.

Richard Amos